Regulations For Safe Transport

A primary consideration in safe transportation of radioactive materials is the use of proper packaging for the specific radioactive material to be transported. In order to determine the packaging requirements, the following questions must be answered.

1. What radionuclides are being shipped? 49 CFR §173.435 contains a listing of over 250 specific ra-dionuclides. Certain ground rules for dealing with unlisted or unknown radionuclides, or with mixtures of radionuclides, appear in 49 CFR §173.433.

2. What quantity of the radionuclides is being shipped? Packaging requirements are related to the activity of the material.

3. Is the radionuclide material normal or special form? Special form refers to materials that, if released from a package, would present a direct external radiation hazard, but not from contamination (Figure 11.28.1). Figure 11.28.2 details normal form materials that are, therefore, any radioactive materials that do not qualify as special form.

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