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Since outlawing DDT and other pesticides that build up in the foodchain seems imminent in many developed areas, replacements must be found, or there will be a recrudescence of health problems. For example, malaria and Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis resurge in areas where mosquito control is lax or mosquitos become resistant to the pesticides used. In the case of mosquito control, malathion and propoxur are recommended as replacements for DDT as resistance grows (Anon. Chemical Week 109:36 1971). Although fenitrothion, iodofenphos, phenothoate and Landrin show promise, all are more expensive and less effective than DDT.

Until suitable replacements are developed, much remains to be done in the realm of pesticide removal from waters—both prior to discharge of wastewater and in treating water for human use. Although the literature on the effects and measurement of pesticides is voluminous, articles on removal techniques for pesticides are relatively few.

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