Role of MRFs and MRFTFs

Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Material Recovery/Transfer Facilities (MRF/TFs) are used as centralized facilities for the separation, cleaning, packaging, and shipping of large volumes of material recovered from MSW. These processes include:

Further processing of source-separated wastes from curb-side collection programs. The type of source-separated material that is separated includes paper and cardboard from mixed paper and cardboard; aluminum from commingled aluminum and tin cans; plastics by class from commingled plastics; aluminum cans, tin cans, plastics, and glass from a mixture of these materials; and glass by color (clear, amber, and green). Separating commingled MSW. All types of waste components can be separated from commingled MSW. Waste is typically separated both manually and mechanically. The sophistication of the MRF depends on (1) the number and types of components to be separated, (2) the waste diversion goals for the waste recovery program, and (3) the specifications to which the separated products must conform.

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