Rotary Screw Pumps

In this type, a motor rotates a vaned screw or rubber stator on a shaft to lift or feed sludge or solid waste material to a higher level or the inlet of another pump.

Axial- and Mixed-flow Centrifugals

Axial-flow propeller pumps, although classed as centrifugals, do not truly belong in this category since the propeller thrusts rather than throws the liquid upward. Impeller vanes for mixed-flow centrifugals are shaped to provide partial throw and partial push of the liquid outward and upward. Axial- and mixed-flow designs can handle large capacities but only with reduced discharge heads. They are constructed vertically.


Most water and waste can be pumped with centrifugal pumps. Therefore, listing the applications for which they are not suited is easier than listing the ones for which they are. They should not be used for the following: (1) Pumping viscous industrial liquids or sludges. The efficiencies of centrifugal pumps drop to zero, and therefore positive displacement pumps are used. (2) Low flows against high heads. Except for deep-well applications, the large number of impellers needed is a disadvantage for the centrifugal design. (3) Low to moderate liquid flows with high-solids contents. Except for the recessed-impeller type, rags and large particles clog smaller centrifugals.

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