Rotatable Slottedpipe Skimmers

Slotted-pipe skimmers are used extensively for applications where considerable oil quantities must be removed and the water level does not vary significantly. These units can be purchased, or a plant can fabricate them by cutting slots in a carbon steel pipe (see Figure 7.16.5). Each skimmer is usually long enough to span the width of the separator. The pipe diameter must allow ample capacity for gravity drainage of the skimmed oil to a sump pump. In addition, the diameter must be large enough to allow each edge of the open slots to be rotated from well above and below the liquid level. This diameter allows adjustment or termination of the skimming rate. Due to their simplicity, slotted pipes are inexpensive and essentially maintenance-free.

FIG. 7.16.4 Oil-water separator.
FIG. 7.16.5 Typical rotatable, slotted-pipe oil skimmer.

The major disadvantage of this skimmer is the high percentage of water collected with the skimmed oil. When a thick layer of oil accumulates prior to skimming, the initial oil recovered contains only small quantities of water. However, unless the skimmer is constantly adjusted, the water content averages 80 to 90%. The best solution to this problem is to pump the recovered mixture to a large tank for phase separation. The water phase can then be drained back to the separator inlet, and the oil can be reclaimed for further processing.

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