Rotating Cutters

The rotating-screen-type comminutor consists of a motor-driven, revolving, vertical drum almost completely submerged in the wastewater flow. Water passes into the drum through slots and out the bottom (see Figure 7.14.9).

Material that is too large to pass through the slots is cut into pieces by the cutting members acting like shears. The angles between the cutting members are designed to eject iron or other hard materials. This comminuting de

FIG. 7.14.9 Comminutor with rotating-screen cutter.
FIG. 7.14.10 Comminutor with stationary screen and oscillating cutter.

vice requires a special volute-shaped basin to give the proper hydraulic conditions for satisfactory operation. The basin shape makes installation more expensive than that of other devices. Smaller sizes, however, are provided with special cast-iron outlets, which eliminate onsite construction work.

The stationary-screen-type comminutor consists of a stationary semicircular screen and a rotating circular cutting disk. The grid intercepts larger solid particles, whereas smaller solids pass through the space between the grid and cutting disks. Larger units can be installed in a rectangular channel; smaller units are self-contained.

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