Smallquantity Generators 40 Cfr 2615

A small-quantity generator is conditionally exempt if it generates no more than 100 kg of hazardous waste in a calendar month. In determining the quantity of hazardous waste generated in a month, the generator does not need to include hazardous waste removed from on-site storage, only waste generated that month. Also excluded is waste that is counted more than once. This includes hazardous waste produced by on-site treatment of already-counted hazardous waste, and spent materials that are generated, reclaimed, and subsequently reused on site, so long as such spent materials have been counted once.

The limits on generated quantities of hazardous waste are different for acute hazardous waste (P list). The limit is equal to the total of one kg of acute hazardous waste or a total of 100 kg of any residue or contaminated soil, waste, or other debris resulting from the clean-up of any spilled acute hazardous wastes.

With exceptions, wastes generated by conditionally exempt small-quantity generators are not subject to regulation under several parts of RCRA (Parts 262 through 266, 268, and Parts 270 and 124 of Chapter 2, and the notification requirements of section 3010). The primary exception is compliance with section 262.11, hazardous waste determination. Hazardous wastes subject to these reduced requirements may be mixed with nonhazardous wastes and remain conditionally exempt, even though the mixture exceeds quantity limits. However, if solid waste is mixed with a hazardous waste that exceeds the quantity exclusion level, the mixture is subject to full regulation. If hazardous wastes are mixed with used oil and this mixture is to be burned for energy recovery, the mixture is subject to used oil management standards (Part 279 of RCRA).

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