Standards Development Process

In response to the requirements of the 1970 CAA Amendments, the EPA established a model process to develop technology standards. Because of their strong technological basis, technology standards are based on rigorous engineering and economic investigations. The EPA process consisted of three phases:

• Screening and evaluating information availability

• Gathering and analyzing data

• Making decisions

In the first phase, the regulating agency reviews the affected source category or subcategory, gathers available information, and plans the next phase. In the second phase, the processes, pollutants, and emission control systems used by facilities in this category are evaluated. This phase includes measuring the performance of emission control systems; developing costs of the control systems; and evaluating the environmental, energy, and economic effects associated with the control systems. Several regulatory alternatives are also selected and evaluated. In the third phase, regulators select one of the regulatory alternatives as the basis for the standard and initiate the procedures for rule making.

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