Storm Water Sewer

The storm water sewer collects maximum surface drainage including rainfall, wash water that is not contaminated, and cooling water that is not returned in return headers to cooling water facilities.

Storm water runoff is calculated on the basis of 100% runoff for all paved areas and 50% runoff for unpaved areas. The remaining 50% in unpaved areas is assumed to be absorbed into the ground.

Rainfall data for various geographic locations are readily available from the government, state, and city weather bureau records, and other published data. Storm water accumulation for each in of rainfall/hr/sq ft is equal to 0.0104 gpm.

Fire water from hoses should be included in the estimates of storm water runoff if flooding would cause damage to installations and present a hazard during fire fighting operations. The storm water main should be run to the battery limit and connected to the trunk sewer.

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