Suggested Treatment System

A schematic flow diagram for a suggested laundromat waste treatment system is shown in Figure 8.1.2. After screening lint, waste is stored in a holding tank to equalize flow and provide sufficient volume for operating the treatment system during normal daytime hours. A pump can deliver waste to the chemical mixing tank where the appropriate chemicals are added. A settling tank removes the bulk of precipitated solids prior to diatomaceous earth filtration. A pump is required to provide pressure for filtration in the diatomaceous earth filter. Recycling to the chemical mixing tank would be required during the filter precoat operation.

Following filtration, activated carbon adsorption may be practiced as needed. A final storage tank is provided for adding chlorine if needed or for holding effluent for future use. Settling tank sludges and diatomaceous earth filter discharges should be collected in a sludge holding

FIG. 8.1.2 Laundry waste treatment
FIG. 8.1.3 Original water supply layout. A. Original plant water supply line. (Raw river water was used without pretreatment for mill scale removal process.)

tank and pumped out periodically by a scavenger system. This system should provide effluent satisfactory for discharge or partial reuse.

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