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The RCRA provides statutory goals and objectives and declares the national solid waste and hazardous waste disposal policy (RCRA §§1002-1003). The EPA establishes standards for generators of hazardous waste. These standards include requirements for record-keeping, labeling of storage, transport, and disposal containers, and the use of a manifest system to track hazardous wastes (RCRA §3002). The EPA establishes standards for transporters of hazardous wastes, including requirements for recordkeep-ing, labeling, and the use of a manifest system (RCRA §3003).

The EPA establishes standards for TSDFs. These requirements ensure the safe handling of hazardous wastes by TSDF owners and operators (RCRA §3004). TSDFs must obtain a permit from the EPA or an authorized state (RCRA §3005). The EPA develops guidelines for state and regional solid waste plans. Plans must meet minimum federal requirements including provisions for prohibiting new open dumps and the closing or upgrading of all existing open dumps (RCRA §§4002-4003). The RCRA provides for federal enforcement, citizens suits, penalties for imminent and substantial endangerment, and judicial review (RCRA §§3008, 7002, 7003, 7006). Owners of underground storage tanks must provide notice to a designated state agency of their existence and specifications. States must maintain inventories of all underground storage tanks containing regulated substances (RCRA §9002). The EPA establishes regulations for underground storage tanks to control releases. The minimum requirements include maintaining a leak detection system, controlling inventory, reporting and recordkeeping, and maintaining evidence of financial responsibility (RCRA §9003). The EPA establishes regulations for a medical waste tracking program (demonstration program). The medical wastes subject to the program are listed and published by the EPA (RCRA §§11001-11003).

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