Swirlflow Regulatorconcentrator

The dual purpose swirl-flow regulator-solids-concentrator has shown a potential for simultaneous quality control (Field 1990). These devices have been applied to CSO; however, they can also be used for storm water runoff pollution control.

The swirl concentrator uses a swirl action to separate particles from liquids (Figure 9.23.1). Flow from combined sewers enters a diversion chamber and bar screen, removing the debris. The swirl facility is automatically activated when storm flows enter the lower portion of the circular chamber. Rotary motion causes liquids to follow a long spiral path, to be discharged from the chamber top through a downshaft. This overflow water can be disinfected and discharged or stored for later treatment. Because a flow deflector prevents chamber flow from completing its first revolution and merging with continuing inlet flow, there is a gently swirling rotational movement.

The settleable solids entering the chamber are spread over the full cross-section of the channel and settle quickly. Solids are entrained along the bottom around the chamber and are concentrated at the foul sewer outlet, where they are transported to the treatment plant.

The scum acts as a baffle, keeping floatables outside the overflow weir and preventing these from overflowing into

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