Systems Design

Besides engineering controls, noise reduction and isolation can be approached through machine mounting or by architectural means. If machines are laid out too closely, the operator may be exposed to a high dB level. However, if machines are spaced adequately apart, noise levels can be within acceptable limits. Noise can be confined within a restricted area by architectural means: building location and arrangement, design, use of suitable building materials, and location of noise-producing and noise-sensitive areas. Sound control for ceilings in offices must also be planned at the architectural stage.

Holes should not be placed back to back immediately next to each other. Electrical boxes should be staggered, at least one stud space. A nonhardening, nonskinning, resilient caulking material should be used to seal all cutouts, such as around electrical and telephone outlets. Also, all intersections with the adjoining structure, such as under-floor and ceiling runner tracks, around the perimeter where the assembly meets the floor, ceiling, and partitions, should be sealed. Using center-of-gravity mounting whenever feasible prevents translational modes of vibration from coupling to rotational modes.

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