total pressure (psia)

saturated steam pressure (psia)

specific volume of saturated steam (ft3/lbm)

The curves in Figure 7.50.8 show the maximum amount of air that can be added per gallon of waste liquor without elimination of the liquid phase in the reactor. The steam-to-air ratio is 2 lbm per lbm at 2000 psig and 595°F, 1500 psig and 553°F, or 1000 psig and 510°F. At this ratio, if each gallon of waste liquor contains 8 lb of water, the addition of 4 lb air per gallon of waste vaporizes all water. Therefore, the wastewater treatment facility must select a lower ratio, such as 3.5 lbm of air per gallon of waste, to maintain some water in the liquid phase.

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