Table 11208 Applications Of Typical Corrective Action Technologies


Removal and excavation of tank, soil, and sediment Tank removal Soil excavation Sediment removal On-site and off-site treatment and disposal of contaminants Solidification or stabilization Landfilling Landfarming Soil washing

Thermal destruction Aqueous waste treatment Deep well injection Free product recovery Dual pump systems Floating filter pumps Surface oil and water separators Groundwater recovery systems Groundwater pumping Subsurface drains Subsurface barriers Slurry walls Grouting Sheet piles Hydraulic barriers In situ treatment Chemical treatment Physical treatment Soil flushing Biostimulation Groundwater treatment Air stripping Carbon adsorption Biological treatment

Precipitation, flocculation, sedimentation Dissolved air flotation Groundwater treatment Granular media filtration Ion-exchange resin adsorption Oxidation-reduction Neutralization Steam stripping Reverse osmosis Sludge dewatering

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Small- to moderate-volume recent gasoline or petroleum release (gas station or tank farms)

Large-volume or long-term chronic gasoline or petroleum release (gas station or tank farms)

Release from tanks containing hazardous substances (organic)

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