Table 11281 Sources Of Federal Regulations

Title 49: U.S. Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Regulations, Parts 100-177 and 178-199

Main Headings

49 CFR 106—Rulemaking Procedures

49 CFR 107—Hazardous Materials Program Procedures

49 CFR 171—General Information, Regulations and Definitions

49 CFR 172—Hazardous Materials Tables and Hazardous Materials Communications Regulations

49 CFR 173—Shippers—General Requirements for Shipments and Packagings

49 CFR 174—Carriage by Rail

49 CFR 175—Carriage by Aircraft

49 CFR 176—Carriage by Vessel

49 CFR 177—Carriage by Public Highway

49 CFR 178—Shipping Container Specifications

49 CFR 179—Specifications for Tank Cars

Title 10: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

10 CFR 71—Packaging of Radioactive Materials for Transport and Transportation of Radioactive Materials Under Certain Conditions Title 39: U.S. Postal Service

Domestic Mail Manual, U.S. Postal Service Regulations, Part 124. (Postal Regulations for Transport of Radioactive Matter are published in U.S. Postal Service Publication 6, and in the U.S. Postal Manual.)

and requirements (IAEA 1978). Materials not subject to DOT regulations may be subject to use or transfer regulations issued by the NRC or even the EPA.

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