Table 1152 Recommended Method For Analysis

Analytical Category

Recommended Method for Analysis*

Volatile organics

Acid-extractable organics

Base and neutral organics

TCDD (dioxin)

Pesticides and PCBs





Oil and grease

Purgeable halocarbons

Purgeable aromatics

Acrolein and acrylonitrile



Pthalate esters


Pesticides and PCBs

Nitroaromatics and isophorone

Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons

Chlorinated hydrocarbons

TCDD (dioxin screening)

GC/MS (USEPA Method 624)

GC/MS (USEPA Method 625)

GC/MS (USEPA Method 625)

GC/MS (USEPA Method 608)

GC/MS (USEPA Method 625)

Atomic absorption (flame or graphite)!

Cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy

EPA colorimetric method

Fibrous asbestos method

Ion chromatography

Freon extraction and gravimetric measurement

GC (USEPA Method 601)

GC (USEPA Method 602)

GC (USEPA Method 603)

GC (USEPA Method 604)

GC (USEPA Method 605)

GC (USEPA Method 606)

GC (USEPA Method 607)

GC (USEPA Method 608)

GC (USEPA Method 609)

GC (USEPA Method 610)

GC (USEPA Method 611)

GC (USEPA Method 612)

*GC/MS = gas chromatography/mass spectrometry; GC : tGraphite furnace is a more sensitive technique. Source: Reprinted from U.S. EPA, 1980-1988.

scan; nitrogen-phosphorous organic scan; and metals (via inductively coupled plasma or atomic emission spec-troscopy).

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