Table 322 Guidelines For Site Inspection

Prepare an agenda in advance that covers all points that require clarification. Provide staff contacts in the area being assessed with the agenda several days before the inspection.

Schedule the inspection to coincide with the operation of interest (e.g., make-up chemical addition, bath sampling, bath dumping, start up, and shutdown

Monitor the operation at different times during the shift, and, if needed, during all three shifts, especially when waste generation highly depends on human involvement (e.g., in painting or parts cleaning operations).

Interview the operators, shift supervisors, and foremen in the assessed area. Do not hesitate to question more than one person if an answer is not forthcoming. Assess the operators' and their supervisors' awareness of the waste generation aspects of the operation. Note their familiarity (or lack of) with the impacts their operation may have on other operations.

Photograph the area of interest, if warranted.

Photographs are valuable in the absence of plant layout drawings. Many details are captured in photographs that otherwise may be forgotten or inaccurately recalled.

Observe the housekeeping aspects of the operation.

Check for signs of spills or leaks. Visit the maintenance shop and ask about any problems in keeping the equipment leak-free. Assess the overall cleanliness of the site. Pay attention to odors and fumes.

Assess the organizational structure and level of coordination of environmental activities between various departments.

Assess administrative controls, such as cost accounting procedures, material purchasing procedures, and waste collection procedures.

of the waste stream can provide clues to their sources. Control charts, histograms, and scatter diagrams can depict fluctuations in waste stream components and thus provide more clues.

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