Table 334 Maintenancebased Strategies

Existing Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program

Include centrifuges, dryers, and other process equipment in the PM program.

Include conveyors and other material handling equipment in the PM program.

Minimize pipe and connector stresses caused by vibration of pumps and compressors. Minimize air leaks into VOC-containing equipment operating under vacuum. Minimize steam leaks into process equipment. Adjust burners to optimize the air-to-fuel ratio. Implement a computerized inventory tracking system for maintenance chemicals. Use terpene or citric-acid-based maintenance chemicals instead of chlorinated solvents.

Proactive PM Strategies

Monitor fugitive emissions from pumps, valves, agitators, and instrument connections. Monitor fouling and leaks in heat exchangers and other process equipment. Monitor vibration in rotating machinery. Inspect and test interlocks, trips, and alarms. Inspect and calibrate pH, flow, temperature, and other process control instruments. Inspect and test relief valves and rupture disks for leaks. Inspect and periodically replace seals and gaskets.

Source: Chadha, 1994.

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