Table 461 National Primary Drinking Water Standards

Water Freedom System

Survive Global Water Shortages

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MCLG MCL Potential Health Effects from

Sources of Contaminant in Drinking Water


Volatile Organics


Carbon Tetrachloride p-Dichlorobenzene





Vinyl Chloride

Coliform and Surface Water Treatment

Giardia lambia Legionella

Standard Plate Count

Total Coliform*



Phase II: Inorganics



Chromium* (total)

Mercury* (inorganic)




Phase II: Organics

Acrylamide Alachlor Aldicarb* Aldicarb sulfone* Aldicarb sulfoxide* Atrazine Carbofuran Chlordane*

4.0 4.0 Skeletal and dental fluorosis zero 0.005 Cancer zero 0.005 Cancer

0.075 0.075 Cancer zero 0.005 Cancer

0.007 0.007 Cancer, liver and kidney effects zero 0.005 Cancer

0.2 0.2 Liver, nervous system effects zero 0.002 Cancer zero TT Gastroenteric disease zero TT Legionnaire's disease

N/A TT Indicates water quality, effectiveness of treatment zero <5%+ Indicates gastroenteric pathogens

N/A TT Interferes with disinfection, filtration zero TT Gastroenteric disease

7MFL 7MFL Cancer

2 2 Circulatory system effects

0.005 0.005 Kidney effects

0.1 0.1 Liver, kidney, circulatory disorders

0.002 0.002 Kidney, nervous system disorders

10 10 Methemoglobulinemia

1 1 Methemoglobulinemia

0.05 0.05 Liver damage zero TT Cancer, nervous system effects zero 0.002 Cancer

0.001 0.003 Nervous system effects

0.001 0.002 Nervous system effects

0.001 0.004 Nervous system effects

0.003 0.003 Mammary gland tumors

0.04 0.04 Nervous, reproductive system effects zero 0.002 Cancer

Natural deposits; fertilizer, aluminum industries; water additive

Some foods; gas, drugs, pesticide, paint, plastic industries

Solvents and their degradation products

Room and water deodorants, and mothballs

Leaded gas, fumigants, paints

Plastics, dyes, perfumes, paints

Textiles, adhesives and metal degreasers

Adhesives, aerosols, textiles, paints, inks, metal degreasers

May leach from PVC pipe; formed by solvent breakdown

Human and animal fecal waste

Indigenous to natural waters; can grow in water heating systems

Human and animal fecal waste Soil runoff

Human and animal fecal waste

Natural deposits; asbestos cement in water systems Natural deposits; pigments, epoxy sealants, spent coal Galvanized pipe corrosion; natural deposits; batteries, paints Natural deposits; mining, electroplating, pigments Crop runoff; natural deposits; batteries, electrical switches Animal waste, fertilizer, natural deposits, septic tanks, sewage Same as nitrate; rapidly converted to nitrate Natural deposits; mining, smelting, coal/oil combustion

Polymers used in sewage/wastewater treatment Runoff from herbicide on corn, soybeans, other crops Insecticide on cotton, potatoes, others; widely restricted Biodegradation of aldicarb Biodegradation of aldicarb

Runoff from use as herbicide on corn and noncropland Soil fumigant on corn and cotton; restricted in some areas Leaching from soil treatment for termites

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TABLE 4.6.1 Continued


Chlorobenzene 2,4-D*

o-Dichlorobenzene eis-1,2-Dichloroethylene trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene





Ethylene dibromide


Heptachlor epoxide


0.1 0.07 0.6 0.07 0.1 zero zero zero 0.7 zero zero zero 0.0002

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