Table 5255 Implementation Alternatives For Chemical Stabilization Of An Unpaved Road

Cost Elements

Implementation Alternatives

Purchase and ship chemical

Store chemical

Prepare road

Mix chemical and water in application truck

Apply chemical solution via surface spraying

Ship in railcar tanker (11,000-22,000 gal/tanker) Ship in truck tanker (4000-6000 gal/tanker) Ship in drums via truck (55 gal/drum) Store on plant property In new storage tank In existing storage tank Needs refurbishing Needs no refurbishing In railcar tanker Own railcar Pay demurrage In truck tanker Own truck Pay demurrage In drums Store in contractor tanks

Use plant-owned grader to minimize ruts and low spots Rent contractor grader Perform no road preparation Put chemical in spray truck

Pump chemical from storage tank or drums into application truck Pour chemical from drums into application truck, generally using forklift Put water in application truck Pump from river or lake Take from city water line Use plant-owned application truck Rent contractor application truck

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