Table 593 Neshaps Test Methods

101 Particulate and gaseous mercury emissions from the air streams of chloralkali plants

101A Particulate and gaseous mercury emissions from sewage sludge incinerators

102 Particulate and gaseous mercury emissions from the hydrogen streams of chloralkali plants

103 Beryllium screening

104 Beryllium emissions from stationary sources

105 Mercury in sewage sludges from wastewater treatment plants

106 Vinyl chloride emissions from stationary sources

107 Vinyl chloride in process wastewater, PVC resin, slurry, wet cake, and latex samples

107A Vinyl chloride in solvents, resin-solvent solutions, PVC resin, resin slurries, wet resin, and latex

108 Particulate and gaseous arsenic emissions

111 Polonium-210 emissions from stationary sources

Source: Code of Federal Regulations, Title 40, Part 61, App. B.

Note: Analytical methods specified under NESHAPS cover toxic and radioactive pollutants not addressed by standard EPA methods.

most recent introductions are the aldehydes-ketones sampling train and the hexavalent chromium sampling train (U.S. EPA 1990).

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