Two Reagent Systems

Situations may arise wherein the influent may enter the system on either side of neutrality. Figure 7.40.22 illustrates the two-sided feedback control system. Although only one valve for each side is shown, it would be possible to have a sequenced pair for one side of neutrality and a single valve for the other, or a sequenced pair for both sides. Since this is a feedback control system, load changes cannot be frequent or severe in order for this system to give acceptable performance. For those applications in which load changes are frequent and severe, a combination feedforward-feedback should be considered. If sequencing is used, the reagent delivery system will have a high gain characteristic, since the stroking of the pair (moving from closed to open) is accomplished with only half the controller output signal, thereby doubling the gain (making it twice as sensitive). The valve gain will vary with the turndown, and a characterizer will be required for each set of sequenced valves to provide uniform loop gain.

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