Ultrafiltration Process

In ultrafiltration devices, the separation layer is adjacent to a pressurized chamber containing the filter influent. When pressure is applied, small molecules pass through the membrane and exit on the other side; larger molecules

FIG. 7.33.2 Anisotropic, diffusive ultrafilter.

are retained within the pressurized chamber. The pressure drop across the membrane ranges from 2 to 40 psid. If the chamber is continuously fed with new influent, the concentration on the feed side gradually increases. This concentrate is continuously bled from the pressurized side of the membrane.

Typical ultrafiltration membranes used in these systems exhibit useful operating fluxes (hydraulic loadings) from 5 to 30 gpd per sq ft at pressure drops of 2 to 30 psid. The membranes filter out protein molecules with molecular weights from 8000 to 45,000; consequently, most viruses are also retained.

FIG. 7.33.3 Ultrafilter membrane packaging configurations. A. Plate device; B. Tubular device.

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