Transport of aged pollutant and reactants by nocturnal jet

Transport of nighttime emissions from tall stack and warm cities Mountain deposition Downward transport during sporadic jet breakdown

Nighttime shallow mixed layer over heat islands Calms in rural areas Ground deposition Reservoir of nighttime emissions of small, low-level sources

FIG. 5.4.2 Schematic diagram of the dynamic layer structure of the regional model. (Reprinted, with permission, from R.G. Lamb and J.H. Novak, 1984, Proceedings of EPA-DECD International Conference on Long Range Transport Models for Photochemical Oxidants and Their Precursors, EPA-600/9-84/006, Research Triangle Park, N.C.: U.S. EPA.)

three- to four-month commitment of a person with knowledge of the model (Turner 1986).

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