Wastewater Treatment

Sources and Characteristics

7.1 Nature of Wastewater

7.2 Sources and Effects of Contaminants

7.3 Characterization of Industrial Wastewater

7.4 Wastewater Minimization

7.5 Developing a Treatment Strategy

Monitoring and Analysis

7.6 Flow and Level Monitoring

7.7 pH, Oxidation-Reduction Probes and Ion-Selective Sensors

7.8 Oxygen Analyzers

7.9 Sludge, Colloidal Suspension, and Oil Monitors

Sewers and Pumping Stations

7.10 Industrial Sewer Design

7.11 Manholes, Catch Basins, and Drain Hubs

7.12 Pumps and Pumping Stations

Equalization and Primary Treatment

7.13 Equalization Basins

7.14 Screens and Comminutors

7.15 Grit Removal

7.16 Grease Removal and Skimming

7.17 Sedimentation

7.18 Flotation and Foaming

7.19 Sludge Pumping and Transportation

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