List of Abbreviations Used in the Footnotes

AGI Archivo General de Indias

AGI AP Archivo General de Indias, Audiencia de Panama

AGI SD Archivo General de Indias, Audiencia de Santo Domingo

AGS Archivo General de Simancas

AHN Archivo Histórico Nacional

BL British Library

BL Add. MSS British Library, Additional Manuscripts

BN Biblioteca Nacional (Madrid)

CSP Calendar of State Papers

MHS Massachusetts Historical Society

NLS National Library of Scotland

PRO Public Record Office

PRO ADM Public Record Office, Admiralty Papers

PRO CO Public Record Office, Colonial Office Papers

PRO PC Public Record Office, Privy Council Papers

PRO SP Public Record Office, State Papers

PRO WO Public Record Office, War Office

SHM Servicio Histórico Militar

(A full listing of manuscript collections used in this book appears in the Bibliography.)

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